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Product Review: Black Rifle Coffee Company

Check out Black Rifle Coffee from Offroad Vegan!

Off-road Vegan

Living in the woods of Oregon, you must be proficient with a few critical things.  Make a damn good coffee, and be able to hit your target with judicious marksmanship.

So when those two things unite, it makes for an awesome product.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset A cuppa BRCC Joe while cleaning the rifles after a long day on the range.

Enter Black Rifle Coffee Company.  This small batch, veteran-owned roaster hails from Utah.  They have an awesome brand which represents the antithesis of what they call “hipster coffee.”  Which, in my opinion was becoming overly pretentious.  I want my coffee good, I want it consistent, and I want my roaster armed (not kidding, the photo below is from their website.  I love it).

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-9-36-06-am Something you will NOT see at Starbucks, sadly.

My  friends and family will agree – I am a bit of a coffee snob.  Each morning starts with my ritual…

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