Vegan Shooter’s Mission

Vegans and veganism have come a long way.  Gone are the days of granola, gravel, and garbanzo beans (OK, maybe we still have those).  Veganism is mainstream.  With new people joining our ranks every day, the topic of compassionate eating and activism is entering more and more aspects of our society.

That is where VeGun Shooter comes in.  The shooting sports is largely a “vegan vacant” segment of our population and I aim to fix that. Need a 30 round P-mag for your AR-15?  No sweat.  I may hand you some soy jerky at the same time.

My goal for this blog is to start some conversations.  Get people thinking.  Try some awesome vegan food while also educating on the shooting sports and having policy and legal discussions on guns.

Welcome to the blog!

Scott McNamara


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