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So I Open Carried for a Week In Portland

OK, Portland.  I was completely wrong about you.

This past week I purchased a brand new Sig Sauer P320.  I love the idea of 17+1 capacity with my EDC (Every Day Carry) gun.  But it is a full-frame pistol, so concealing it is pretty tough.

So I figured what the heck, I’ll open carry for a week and see what happens.  Now it’s important to know I am not one of those open carry a-holes on YouTube that deliberately walk around schools, prisons, and police departments with 20 GoPros strapped on them, ready to document the slightest Law Enforcement slip up.  That is not me.

However, if I can open carry a full-frame pistol and happen to have some meaningful conversations along the way, I am all for it.

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